3 Jan

As most of you know, my blog began as a way to release, creatively, my difficulty with living in Elko. The Elko bashing posts really took off and were almost just too easy. Teasing Elko is really quite elementary. Since I have been back in Reno I have been wracking my brain for ways to make fun of Reno like I did with Elko (it’s really only fair), but I am having difficulty. I can’t really write posts about the transvestites or pimps and ho’s that are rampant because they aren’t any better or kookier than the ones you see on any given street in San Francisco. I also can’t reasonably write a post about the special-ness that is Sun Valley, because everyone knows, we all know. Also, “Scum Valley” bashing is so 1998. Along with this, how could I even find a way to make fun of the shopping choices Reno has? Sure, there isn’t a Barney’s Reno (like I could afford even half a belt there, anyways…), but hell, there are several malls to choose from. I can also shop at Target whenever my little heart desires, so there really is no story there.

Reno isn’t a culturally diverse city like New York, nor does it have the history that Edinburgh or some other fabulous European city has, but Reno does offer a lot more than Elko. THAT, I know for damn sure.

I really can’t bash a city where I can walk to my favorite bagel shop, because I live in the hippest part of town where said bagel shop resides. I really can’t validate insults for a city where I can scour my favorite antique shop in the morning, shop the deals at Victoria’s Secret during lunch, then, in the afternoon, rock my cute new Pink sweats at Rancho San Rafeal Park, where I feel like I am no longer in a polluted city, but somewhere beautiful.

For me, Reno has it all, at least for now. I am happy to be in a city that is more culturally diverse than old-cowboy and young-miner Elko. I am happy to be where I am close to fabulous family and friends. I am happy that there are at least a few tattoo shops that won’t give me the clap and if I don’t like my experience at one Port of Subs, I have 50 others to chose from.

Reno isn’t beautiful, perfect or my favorite place in the world, but it suits my life right now and that is all that matters.

Sorry Elko, I tried to make it fair, but Reno doesn’t have quite the “uniqueness” you offer…


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