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18 Sep

“I could tell you what he looked like- his height and physique and the way the contours of his body felt close to mine in the dark; the shape and exact color of his eyes and how they looked when he was happy, sad, pissed, or passionate; the lines of his forearms, biceps, shoulders, and elbows; the curve of his lips and the feel of his mouth against mine; and what his back, and hips, and legs felt like beneath my fingertips. I could tell you what he smelled like and what he tasted like. I could pick his voice out in the crowd at Times Square on New Year’s Eve”.

This is an excerpt from Beth Harbison’s book, Always Something There to Remind Me. And it spoke to me so profoundly, that I decided to sign into my forgotten blog and share it with all of you. This quote was written by someone else, someone I don’t even know, yet it came from my heart.  Every boyfriend I have ever had, I have studied and observed and known on a level that was too hard to explain, until I read this excerpt. I always thought I was kind of crazy that I have always been such an expert on my man’s hairline and the way his fingers grasp a beer.  Or how his teeth shape his lips and if he had different teeth, he would look entirely different. I am always acutely aware of how his body feels next to mine while he is lying next to me in bed. I frequently take note of how his breathing sounds different when he had a good day and how he must be having good dreams, instead of nightmares. Are all women like this? More importantly, are men like this? I think many women would admit to actively knowing their men on this level, but many men would be hesitant to. Why? Do people only take this kind of care to notice their significant others when they truly love them? As you can see, I have a lot on my mind and many questions. Anyways, I only hope that I have been loved and noticed like this in my relationships…