About Me, Betty

I never, in a million years, thought I would be here. “Here” being a Podunk town in Northeast Nevada. I am a big city girl. Well, as big-city-girl as you can get being from Reno. When I visited NYC two years ago, instead of feeling like a fish out of water, I felt… finally at home. Too bad the only rent I could afford in the Big Apple happened to be a shared cardboard box. Why then, you ask, do I live in Elko, NV, population 47, 071? It’s pretty simple really, Reno was too expensive for a college student paying rent (the fact that I chose to live in a “luxury” apartment is neither here nor there). The overpriced tuition I was forking over didn’t help either. At first I was struggling as a full-time student, then as part-time; in body and mind. In order to graduate before the age of eighty, something had to be done. Since my boyfriend called Elko home since the age of zero, the college offered my program, and we had a free place to shack up…it was pretty much decided. I put my notice in at work, had my last asiago cheese bagel at My Favorite Muffin (for awhile), packed up my life and moved everything to Elko. I have never, well no, I have looked back. I have cried and I have cursed the lack of retail therapy.  I have missed so very much Wild Woman Wednesday with my mother, BUT I have accepted my life as a small-town, not-so-wholesome, girl. Here is my story and my journey through the wilds of Elko life.

If you would like to contact me for whatever reason, please send me an email at tattooedgirly27@hotmail.com



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