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Coralye June

3 Jan

I have succumbed to the Facebook peer pressure to engage in a “Photo A Day Challenge”. Every day I must post a picture in a certain category. Tomorrow is something that I adore. I thought all day about what I adore. I love a lot of things. It is just a given that I love my family and friends. On the more superficial level, I love shoes and kooky-colored nail polish. I adore getting pedicures and I simply can’t say no to a bowl of cake batter ice cream. All of these things are great, but what is even better, what I love even more is my baby cousin, Coralye June. I adore this child more than anything. She is the smartest, cutest little girl I have ever known. She is incredibly witty and perceptive for a little person only on this earth for two years and a handful of months. She can count to ten and she can tell you, “No, I don’t want that either”. What two-year-old understands the meaning of either and can use it in a complete sentence? She’s brilliant. When I am around her she holds me in the palm of her hand and I am totally OK with that. She is spirited, strong and already fiercely independent. She pretty much tells me what’s up and most times she is right and I am wrong. She can work my Iphone better than I can and she teaches me new style tricks, like how a purple shoe and a blue shoe can look fierce with a green dress.

This Christmas she was old enough to get the gist of presents. She knew that what she unwrapped was hers to keep. What we thought she didn’t get was that what was someone else’s to unwrap was actually, not hers. My aunt was given a few stuffed dolls from my mom and…you can pretty much guess what comes next. Coralye got to them before my aunt and when she finally unearthed them from the tissue paper she exclaimed, “Oh, so cute!” and faster than a jackrabbit she hid them in her gift bag. That little pistol knew they weren’t hers, but she wanted them all the same. As someone who works with children, my first instinct was to reason with her or to teach her that she can’t have it all, but who am I kidding? What I decided to say instead was, “The world is yours doll, take it”.

I have been weakened by her very strong powers of persuasion (in the form of innocent grins and giggles), so there really is no denying that this child will be spoiled by me. I will spoil her with love, attention and however many “loshies” (lotion) or “lips” (lipgloss) she wants. Besides, spoiling someone you adore is too much fun.